Currently I am a post-doc reseracher at Exorigins project, based at Centre Alenxadre-Koyré, École des hautes études em sciences sociales, Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CAK, EHESS, CNRS) - Paris, France.

M research project "The struggle for rubber or how a specie moved (around) the world" focuses on the role of the flux of international interest in the lower Amazon region in the access of plants of the species Hevea brasiliensis and how the circulation of knowledge and people promote the diffusion of rubber around the world. The research problem here aims to assess the effective role of French and English rubber companies where the rubber seeds came from in order to understand such commercial relations and 'botanical mentalities' at the turn of the 18th to 19th century. This project aims to deepen studies on the movement of plants and people in the context of the rubber cycle (1850-1920) in the Lower Amazon.


The rubber related research began when a rubber tapper (Mr. João) found some stonewares near native rubber trees, at the Lower Amazon. At the same place sir Henry Alexander Wickham collected 70.000 Hevea brasiliensis seeds and sold  them at London on 1876. This would change the world rubber economy, transfering the main productive area to Asia in the following decades. Hence, the rubber items made for industry, surgery and locomotion shaped  the world to what one might call 'modern'. 


Hence, my PhD research project discussed the entanglement of plants, things and humans how the rubber seeds enlarged the world and how deal with its heritage.





Post-doc researcher, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Centre Alexandre-Koyré, France

Project: "The struggle for rubber or how a specie moved (around) the world"



PhD candidate in Anthropology (Archaeology), Federal University of Pará, Brazil

Advisor: Diogo Menezes Costa; Coadvisor: Floriano Pastore Jr.

Thesis: The agents of the elastic god during the 19th century at Lower Amazon


Master’s in Archaeology, National Museum, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dissertation: Arqueologia Histórica no Sítio Aldeia (Santarém, PA): A Cerâmica dos Séculos XVIII e XIX.


Specialization in Quaternary Geology (Archaeology), National Museum, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil]

Dissertation: Anatomia do lenho carbonizado em Euphorbiaceae s.l. como subsídio a Antracologia.



Visiting researcher, Dept. Cultural Sciences, Linnaeus University, Kalmar, Sweden

Supervisor: Cornelius Holtorf

Project: From the materiality of the rubber period (1850-1920) to the agents of the elastic god at the Lower Amazon: entanglement in an emerging present


Professor, archaeology undergraduate course, Department of Anthropology and Archaeology, Federal University of Western Pará


Archaeologist, “Contract Archaeology”, Dept. of Archaeology, Institute for Scientific and Technological Research of Amapá



EAA - European Association of Archaeologists, Student Member


ICOMOS Brasil, Full Member


WAC - World Archaeological Congress, Rate B Member


ACHS - Association of Critical Heritage Studies, Full International Member




Erasmus Staff Mobility for Training – Mobility Agreement, Kew Gardens



Research collaborator on Rubber Technology for Amazon (TecBor), University of Brasília

Researcher, Anthropology of Tourism at Amazon Research Group, Federal University of Pará

Researcher, Amazonian Historical Archaeology Research Group, Federal University of Pará



CHAT BAR book series – Editorial board


Cadernos do Lepaarq: Journal of Anthropology, Archaeology & Heritage – Peer-reviewer & Special Issue Organizer


Amazônica: Journal of Anthropology – Assistant Editor



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